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    1. Definitions: "The Company" supplies the service. Reseller- The 'independent contractor" that will provide and resell the services as set out below. "I"- The party getting into the agreement, whether natural person or firm of any type. "Customer"- The "man" for whom the Internet Marketing services are performed.

    2. I recognize that I am not an employee or franchise owner or extension of Company. I recognize that I/we are an Independent Reseller and will not be as an employee for the purpose of the Social Security Act, The Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Income Tax withholding at source, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, or any laws governing employees. I recognize that the Company will supply, as made available from law, proper records of payment to the Reseller and said Reseller will be accountable for any and all taxes from the Reseller to the specific government regulating the Reseller.

    3. I hereby conform to carry out myself in the maximum benchmarks of ethics, integrity and honesty, and to conduct myself as a Reseller in a lawful manner with respect to the laws governing "me" (the Reseller) and laws governing the Company.

    4. "The Company" agrees never to communicate with the end customer in virtually any method unless requested by the Reseller.

    5. "The Company" agrees to only support Resellers and to never accept a communicate directly with their clients in any way.

    6. "The Company" agrees to hold all Reseller business communication and data strictly confidential.

    7. "The Company" agrees to never use an end client in their portfolio unless specifically provided written permission to do this.

    8. I realize that I am strictly forbidden from using the "The Company" name, logo or website content in virtually any form unless given specific approval by "The Company".

    9. I acknowledge that as an Independent Reseller of "The Company", the Stipulations that I consent to will not affect my business or associations with Resellers of my own. The terms and service in this written document are for the business association between myself and "The Company" only.

    10. "The Company" shall collect all payments from Reseller prior to rendering services.

    11. I recognize that I have the right to impute my business by sale or will to some other individual, partnership, or corporation totally independent of "The Company".

    12. I recognize that I might not create any misleading or false statement or representation regarding "The Company" merchandise, services, and arrangements other than those included in materials provided directly by "The Company".

    13. I am aware that the Company may well alter Stipulations, policies and operations upon reasonable notice to its Independent Resellers which will not be below 30 days.

    14. I am aware that this agreement, along with the Company policies and procedures and Frequently asked questions integrated herein by reference, makes up the whole agreement between the parties within and no other supplemental assurances, representations, promises, or agreements of any kind will be legitimate unless stipulated and signed in writing.

    15. "The Company" takes payments via all major credit card types. I agree that service is not going to begin on client services until the necessary payment is received by "The Company".

    16. But-for Web Design Services for which Payment in Full is required up front, "The Company" shall automatically collect all payments monthly for all other services depending on when the campaign started. If the monthly payment in full is not received on time, then the campaign will sure enough be put on hold and no work will be performed until payment is collected.

    17. I am aware that "The Company" can cancel my agreement and promptly cease client services should I neglect to adhere to this agreement.

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